Sunday Morning Study the Mitzvos

  • Why The Mitzvos? Sundays 10:30-11:30AM

    Explore the purpose, reasons, and benefits of the commandments.
  • Every Sunday morning we will explore the purpose, reasons, and benefits of the commandments.

    According to tradition there are 613 Mitzvos. The core of a mitzvah in Chassidic thought is to bind one with the creator. Even if one does not understand the why of a mitzvah it still has infinite value. A mitzvah is an act of bonding with G-d, in which G-d receives pleasure from our deeds.

    However Mitzvos are also for us and the world around us. Each mitzvah  has many layers of meaning and symbolism. We will explore the historical, philosophical, mystical & Chassidic views on the mitzvos.

    The class will follow the order of the traditional daily study of Maimonides' "Book of Mitzvos". When you sign up below you will receive a daily email with the Mitzva/s of the day. 

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