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"All who are hungry come and eat; all in need come and join the Passover ritual."

-The Passover Haggadah-

This attitude sets the tone for the seder, for Passover and for the entire year. We as a community are responsible for one another.

Before and during Passover, we help those who are “hungry to come and eat,” and we provide portals for people to “join the Passover ritual” and increase their understanding and appreciation of those rituals through numerous channels: community seders, prayer services and festive meals, classes, visits to the elderly and isolated, distribution of shmurah matzah, and catered seder meals to gift for those in need in Greater New Haven.

Our budget for the month of Passover activities is $30,000. Please partner with us!

Together we can help with the material, emotional and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in the Shoreline Jewish community. Your generous contribution allows us to continue to expand this valuable work.

Thank you!


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