Please contact us for a gift box of six handmade shmurah matzah for your seder table, sponsored by Edward/Linda Pinn and Michael/Jo-Ann Price. 

“Shmurah” is Hebrew for “guarded.” From the moment of harvest, the wheat in this matzah was guarded against contact with water, which could make the grain leavened (“chametz”), unfit for Passover use. In the same way that writing a mezuzah or crafting a Jewish ritual object is performed with the conscious intent that it be used for a mitzvah, so too every step of making this matzah was performed with the intent that it be used for the seder.

Jewish mystics have called shmurah matzah “the food of faith and healing.” It is important to partake of these special matzahs at the seders. When the Jewish people left Egypt and faithfully followed G‑d into the desert, they imbued their unrisen dough with the power to strengthen faith for all future generations. When you eat shmurah matzah on Passover night, you nourish your faith!

If you or anyone you know would appreciate shmurah matzah, please contact us [email protected]

If you would like to order more Shmurah matzah than the gift box they can be purchased for $28 a pound.