• Join us for the High HolidaysEnjoy an uplifting experience, no matter your background or affiliation. Our warm and friendly atmosphere will feel like home! You will enjoy stories & explanations in English throughout the service, lively singing, children's program, and delicious holiday meals. RSVP
  • Are you ready for Aging?Free 12 week course! Jewish Aging Mastery Program. Learn More
  • September 10! Challah Baking EventMake your own homemade Challah and discover the beauty of our tradition connecting the generations... Bring a friend, sister, mother or daughter to celebrate this most powerful mitzvah entrusted to women! Read More
  • Don't miss Sukkot & Simchat Torah Read more
  • The World of Kabbalah Revealing how its mystical secrets relate to you
Rabbi Yossi and Rochel Baila Yaffe welcome you to to Chabad-Lubavitch of the Shoreline! Here at Chabad our events and classes have won a reputation across the state for their professionalism, their educational content and their sheer fun! We are about Judaism, not affiliation. Whether or not you belong to a synagogue or other Jewish institution, Chabad can add spirituality, study, community - or just some good soul food - to your Jewish life.
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