The Impossible Spy: The Life and Story of Eli Cohen

  • Thursday, March 3, at 8:00 PM via Zoom. Sign up to receive link and password.

  • Chabad Lecture Series Presents 

    - Live From Israel -

     A Fascinating Lecture Over Zoom 

      'The Impossible Spy'

    The Life and Story of  Eli Cohen

    Israel's Legendary Mossad Agent

    An Evening with Avraham Cohen

    The Only Surviving Brother of Eli Cohen

      Israel's most famous spy Eli Cohen successfully penetrated the upper echelons of the Syrian government, 

    as an undercover Mossad agent. The secrets he obtained proved crucial to Israel's victory in the Six-Day war.

    Eli’s only surviving brother, Avraham, will share a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Eli’s story,   and the ongoing struggle to have Eli’s remains returned to Israel. 

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